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by Marcos Paulo Vilela

Shepherds Crossing ISO ROM Download for PSP.

Shepherds Crossing ISO ROM Download for PSP.

O download da ROM Shepherd’s Crossing está disponível para jogar no Playstation Portable. 

Este jogo é a versão em inglês dos EUA exclusivamente no Baixe a ROM de Shepherd’s Crossing e use-a com um emulador. 

Jogue o jogo PSP online no PC desktop, celular e tablets com qualidade máxima. 

Se você gosta desta ROM gratuita em jogos de emulador, também gostará de títulos semelhantes Animal Crossing – Wild World e Animal Crossing.

  • Gêneros: Jogo eletrônico de simulação, Jogo eletrônico de estratégia, Jogo eletrônico casual
  • Desenvolvedor: Success
  • Plataformas: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation Portable
  • Estúdios: Graffiti Entertainment, Success
  • Data de lançamento inicial: 28 de maio de 2009
  • Série: Shepherd’s Crossing


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metapod 2008-09-28 - 6:02 pm

No, she is the girl who invites you to the town. If you look at my other videos you can see what the player character looks like. The player character is a boy named Bob Colin.

metapod 2008-09-29 - 1:36 am

Yeah. BTW, it's a VERY fun game and quickly became one of my favorites, so if you can find a copy you should def buy it 🙂

metapod 2008-09-29 - 8:17 pm

Nope, it's only for PS2 🙁 Pity because it was only around $10-15 brand new. There is a DS version but it's Japan-only right now. Hopefully if the sales are good, Valcon will localize the DS version, too.

metapod 2008-10-01 - 12:36 am

I think it's the style more than the quality. The art style is kinda… plain. (Chara design, too). The graphics are very good, espeically considering the game's style and that it's like 5 years old or something now.

It's not really like Harvest Moon at all, so it's hard to compare. The gameplay style and stuff is VERY different, the only similarity is that it's themed around farming. I think it's very addictive and there's a lot about it I like more than HM, and I've played every HM, so…

metapod 2008-12-15 - 7:15 pm

Nope, sorry, it's only for PS2. There is a DS game but it's only in Japan. I think I might've responded to this before, but I don't see a comment anywhere so many I forgot to or it didn't send properly O_o; But if you've already gotten an answer like this, sorry X_X;

metapod 2008-12-15 - 7:15 pm

your face is boring D:

67mustangreg 2009-04-29 - 8:25 pm

Best buy has this game right now for 10 bucks….is that worth it????

Aaron Hanshew 2009-04-29 - 10:21 pm

Yeah, that's def worth it. I think it's a really great game.

67mustangreg 2009-04-30 - 1:17 am

I'm gonna go back tomorrow and get it then. I tried looking it up online but other then these few vids..there's not much info 🙁

Looks fun, I love harvest moon!

metapod 2009-05-04 - 7:31 am

Yeah, there's not much else about it online 🙁 I can always answer any questions though~ (btw that other numb1 comment was me… my brother signed in on this comp and I didn't notice XD )

PiplupPeanut 2010-02-26 - 11:49 pm


Cute graphics. Sucky game. e_o

metapod 2010-02-27 - 3:00 am

I thought it was a nice game. It's not huge or epic, but for what it is, it's a good game.

metapod 2010-04-16 - 1:28 pm

@FaeSelenite Yeah, it's really fun! And I know what you mean about wanting to go into town… even if it was just for aesthetics… I'd really like to see what the rest of the world looked like :3 Like It would be cool if you want to lots of different locales for hunting, too :D!

There is a sequel on DS with more characters, town, and you can even get married and stuff 😀 I haven't had the chance to play it, and as of right now, it's only in Japan 🙁

metapod 2010-04-16 - 2:06 pm

@FaeSelenite Yeah, Wii has some cool stuff. I actually hate HM on Wii though… I now refuse to ever buy another HM game new because of how bad the Wii ones are and how much I hate them XZD

Snyperwolf91 2010-05-13 - 7:36 am

reminds me to Harvest moon . =/ harvest moon looks better than this.

metapod 2010-05-13 - 8:57 am

@Snyperwolf91 While they're both themed on farming, the gameplay system and setup is very different, and they are both very different experiences. I like both for different reasons, as they are very different games 🙂

Snyperwolf91 2010-05-13 - 1:57 pm

@metapod in my childhood was harvest moon one of my favourite classics on the snes.=) its really easy and lovely build . i play many times firstperson shooters but something like harvest moon or shepherds crossing is always better than killing enemies.=D i hope thenext harvest moon will be great too.^^

Shipoopiism 2010-08-20 - 11:15 pm

Is it for PS2? I thought it was for PSP?

metapod 2010-08-21 - 8:26 am

@Shipoopiism It was originally on PS2 and then they made a PSP version 🙂

Christopher Bateman 2011-04-12 - 9:14 pm

Do you get married in this game, and if so, Do you get to choose your wife?

metapod 2011-04-14 - 2:46 pm

@ChaosSniper999 No, you can't get married in this game; however, in Shepherd's Crossing 2 (for DS) you can play as a boy or girl and you can get married and choose your husband/wife from the villagers in the game.


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