The best PS5 Controllers in 2023

by Marcos Paulo Vilela

Looking for the best PS5 controllers? Having the right controller is make or break to harness your focus, enhance your comfort, and adapt to any learned muscle memory developed from sweating through your favorite games. New controllers can take some getting used to, and not everyone is a fan of having smoothed edges and soft triggers when it comes to shooting down clickers or swinging around Brooklyn.

We’ve tried and tested the best controllers for the PlayStation 5 to give more immersive gameplay and optimized control. These controllers help solidify the PS5 as the best gaming console. Some readers will Sony’s official products for complete mastery over the best PS5 games, though third-party manufacturers offer some excellent features  (e.g. adjustable thumbsticks or longer battery lives).

Here are the best PS5 controllers today:

Best PS5 controllers: The Dual Sense Edge.

1. Sony DualSense Edge Controller

Best for those who sit at the top of the leaderboards

Sony DualSense Edge specs:

Customizable buttonsTwo swappable back buttons, adjustable trigger lengths, all buttons remappable
Wired/WirelessBluetooth or USB-C Cable
Battery life12 – 15 hours
Haptic feedback and adaptive triggersYes


  • Tons of customization options
  • High levels of control and precision


  • Battery life could be longer
  • Expensive

This elite PS5 controller from Sony is our top pick as the best PS5 controller for gamers who like to live on the edge, and we found it hard to fault during testing. The standard DualSense controllers included with the PS5 are pretty great on their own, but the latest Edge edition DualSense upgrade is optimized for shooter titles and eliminates the need for PS5 players to opt for a third-party alternative. It boasts features such as function buttons, customizable back triggers with sliders to adjust trigger length and multiple profiles.

Read our PlayStation 5 DualSense Edge review.

Best PS5 controllers: the Razer Wolverine V2 Pro.

2. Razer Wolverine V2 Pro

Best for gamers who want ALL the buttons.

Razer Wolverine V2 Pro specs:

Customizable buttons6 remappable buttons: 2 custom bumpers, 4 extra triggers, plus 2 additional thumbstick caps
Wired/Wireless2.4GHz wireless connection with USB-A dongle
Battery lifeup to 28 hours
Haptic feedback and adaptive triggersNo


  • Loads of options for buttons
  • Amazing wireless performance


  • Expensive
  • Missing some DualSense features

This Razer Pro controller might be more expensive than the DualSense Edge, but the high price is worth it for the host of features that this third-party pad offers. It comes with an ultra-fast 2.4GHz wireless connection USB-A dongle for HyperSpeed and low-latency performance, plus Razer Chroma RGB interactive color patterns and a compatible app for IOS and Android.

Razer has included mecha-tactile action buttons on this pad for ultra-fast actuation, six remappable buttons and interchangeable thumbsticks, as well as an 8-way microswitch d-pad for precise control in fighting games, 4 extra triggers and 2 custom bumpers, and additionally a quickfire HyperTrigger for faster reactions and lightning-quick clicks.

Best PS5 controllers: the Sony DualSense Wireless.

3. Sony DualSense Wireless Controller

Best for most PS5 gamers.

Sony DualSense Wireless specs:

Customizable buttonsNone
Wired/WirelessBluetooth or USB-C Cable
Battery life4 – 6 hours
Haptic feedback and adaptive triggersYes


  • The standard PS5 controller
  • Haptic feedback and other features


  • Short battery life
  • No swappable buttons

Here we have the basic PS5 controller that comes included with the console but believe us it is far from basic. If you’re in need of a second controller for your gaming buddy, then why not get another DualSense? These pads have been created by Sony with features such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers which were previously only found in advanced pro controllers. If you need more persuasion, take a look at our guide to everything you need to know about the PS5 controller plus our deep dive into how the DualSense’s adaptive triggers work.

Best PS5 controllers: the Victrix Pro controller.

4. Victrix Pro BFG Wireless Controller

Best value pro controller with amazing features.

Victrix Pro BFG Wireless specs:

Customizable buttons4 mappable buttons and multi-position clutch triggers
Wired/WirelessUSB-A mini dongle or USB type A to type C cable
Battery lifeup to 20 hours
Haptic feedback and adaptive triggersNo


  • Customizable modular design
  • Ideal for fighting games


  • Large price tag
  • No haptive feedback or adaptive triggers

This reasonably priced pad from Victrix is a game-changer (pun intended) for those who want a premium gaming experience. Next to the DualSense Edge, this is one of the best controllers for the PS5 that’s cheaper than the competition. If you happen to also be a PC gamer as well as a console gamer then you’ll love the features of this wireless controller.

It can be used with multiple platforms using a convenient mode switch, as well as a reversible left module to adapt the pad for fighting games and move away from the standard stick configuration. The four mappable back buttons can have up to 3 user-configurable unique profiles for button mapping, plus complete customization via the Victrix Control Hub Customization App. It also boasts multi-position clutch triggers plus analog stick gates and caps that are totally interchangeable.

Best PS5 controllers: the Nacon Resolution Unlimited seen from the front and behind.

5. Nacon Revolution Unlimited

Best for PS4 games and last-gen catalogs.

Nacon Revolution Unlimited specs:

Customizable buttonsDual customizable sticks and interchangeable stick heads
Wired/WirelessBluetooth or USB-C Cable
Battery lifeup to 7.5 hours
Haptic feedback and adaptive triggersNo

Now this controller from Nacon is actually intended for the PlayStation 4, however, as we mentioned above you can still use a PS4 pad with your PlayStation 5, just not with PlayStation 5 games. So what’s the point? You might ask. These controllers are still exceptionally powerful in what they can do, and a lot of people still play older titles through the PS Plus/ PlayStation Now library of games.

This weighty controller is designed with an 8-way D-pad for excellent control, is equipped with intelligent LED lights, has a built-in microphone and headphone controls, and a switch to toggle wireless and wired communications.

Best PS5 controllers: Darkwalker ShotPad.

6. DarkWalker ShotPad FPS TouchPad Game Controller

Best for first-person shooters and multitaskers

DarkWalker ShotPad FPS Touchpad specs:

Customizable buttonsNone
Battery lifeN/A
Haptic feedback and adaptive triggersNo


  • Precise touchpad aiming
  • Affordable pricing


  • Design takes some getting used to
  • No haptive feedback or adaptive triggers

Be one with the dark side with this master touchpad controller from DarkWalker. The only downfall of this gaming pad is that it’s a little complicated to set up and can only be used with games that have support for a keyboard & mouse (you’ll need to check this for each game).

On the bright side, if your favorite games are compatible, you’ll be able to use the large built-in touchpad for aiming instead of a joystick for precision control, plus it has a mass of extra buttons allowing you to aim, jump, and shoot all at the same time.

Best PS5 controllers: a DualSense controller equipped with a mini MoKo keyboard.

7. Wireless Backlight Mini Keyboard

Best for messaging your party.

Wireless Backlight Mini Keyboard specs:

Battery lifeup to 100 hours
CompatibilityDualSense Wireless Controller only


  • Provides easy written communication
  • Long battery life


  • Won’t be compatible with many controllers
  • Pricey for what it is

This mini keyboard might not be your traditional controller, but it’s one of the best add-ons we’ve ever found for the PlayStation 5. This backlit mini keyboard by MoKo will quadruple your typing speed and has its own built-in speaker and a 3.5mm headphone port so you’ll never miss what’s going on in your game party. The keyboard is also rechargeable and will light up green when in use so you can game in the dark without needing any extra lights to see the keys.

Best PS5 controllers: the Hori Commander Octa Tournament Grade Fightpad.

8. HORI Commander OCTA Tournament Grade Fightpad

Best for street fighters and super Saiyans

Hori Commander Octa Tournament Grade Fightpad specs:

Customizable buttonsFully programmable and adjustable via PC Companion App
Battery lifeN/A
Haptic feedback and adaptive triggersNo


  • Arcade-style button layout
  • Decent price


  • D-pad could be better
  • Feels a little insubstantial

Are you a fan of Tekken? This low-budget wired controller from HORI is designed not only for the PS5 but for serious fighters with the desire to win. It boasts an eight-way joystick, six-button arcade layout, tournament lock functions, micro switch buttons, a headphone jack, and customization options through the compatible app. The best part about this fight pad? It’s even cheaper than the DualSense controller and is the first officially licensed fight pad for the PS5, certified by Sony.

Best PS5 controllers, the Thrustmaster F1 add-on.

9. Thrustmaster F1 Wheel Add-on

Best for the speedsters, licensed by Ferrari.

Thrustmaster F1 Wheel Add-on specs:

Buttons13 action buttons and 3 D-Pads, with 17 programmable functions
CompatibilityDesigned for use with Thrustmaster base


  • Durable metal design
  • Realistic Ferrari wheel replica


  • Requires additional Thrustmaster base
  • Lacks sturdy hand grips

Do you have a need for speed? Or can you see a race on the Forza Horizon? Are you desperate to compete in a Gran Turismo? Sorry, we’ll stop. This racing wheel by Thrustmaster is an exciting (and expensive) PS5 add-on that’s essential if you’re into racing games.

For a truly immersive arcade experience, this controller is a full-size replica of the Formula 1 Ferrari 2011 racing wheel, but you’ll need a set of pedals and a Thrustmaster wheel servo base to attach it to – it’s compatible with the T500, T300 and TX Racing Wheel Series for interchangeability. It boasts genuine “Push and Pull” shifters and rubber textured grip, plus professional-grade scratched-brushed metal.

Best PS5 controllers: the TCP Pro seen from the front and behind.

10. TCP Pro controller

Best for gamers who like optimized design.

We’ll avoid including a specs table here because as each one is based on the specs provided by the customer, the specs will always be a little different.

This create-your-own controller for the PS5 is brought to you by The Controller People and has a host of features that make it much better than the original DualSense. For example, the pad has cutting-edge design features including click-sticks on the back, an interchangeable analog system, digital triggers that are super fast and resemble clicking a mouse, high-grade grips to avoid sweat slip (gross), and a dexidisk rubber attachment for the d-pad. Convinced yet? This controller has actually removed the desirable haptic feedback and adaptive trigger functions to cut the weight of the regular DualSense in half for a lighter experience.

How do I choose the best PS5 controller?

Finding the best controller for the PS5 is a breeze once you know your preferred gaming style. Play a lot of free shooting games? You’ll want one that allows you to be as accurate and precise as you can with fast clickable triggers that are digital-based as opposed to the traditional type. If you mainly play FIFA, you might benefit from a controller with customizable buttons closer together for faster actions and responses.

If you’re more of an open-world explorer, chances are you’ll be just fine with the standard DualSense controller that the PlayStation 5 comes included with. This controller really shines with games like Horizon Forbidden West and even PlayStation’s own Astro Bot series where you can slingshot Captain Astro using the sensitive touchpad and feel every vibration through haptic feedback.

Ultimately, the controller you choose needs to be reliable and last long enough to keep up with the number of hours you put into gaming each day. If you consider yourself to be a pro gamer then it’s worth investing in a pro controller that can match your speed and energy to optimize your overall performance in a game. Still, for more casual gamers who play solo as opposed to online, it’s all about comfort and the levels of immersion. See our guide to the best PS5 headsets for the ultimate gaming setup paired with your new controller. Check out our how we test page to find out how we recommend hardware.

Multi-platform gamer? Read our guides on the best Xbox controllers and the best Nintendo Switch controllers for more recommendations.

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