The Bookwalker: Thief of Tales – PC Gameplay DEMO Passo a passo completo: Potion of Immortality

by Marcos Paulo Vilela

#rpg #turnbased #estratégia



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Tokyo Toronto 2023-06-11 - 9:30 am

the trailer is good but why the game looks like this ?

Kenjamin Garnett 2023-06-11 - 4:51 pm

This would be the best mobile game ever

Baker Legate 2023-06-12 - 3:14 am

How dare they release a trailer so beautiful for a game that looks like this. Lmao. Literally bait and switching people.

Morbot Trooper4 2023-06-13 - 5:55 am

This feels like a good Asmr game.

Just came to mind for some reason.

Tony B 2023-06-13 - 5:35 pm

I'll just say it since everyone expects every game to be a AAA game with 5000k visuals.

This looks dope.

Dillon Connolly 2023-06-13 - 10:12 pm

Oh, misleading trailer.

fataxel 2023-06-14 - 7:04 am

This looks amazing

PaulBGmz 2023-06-14 - 3:48 pm

The Bookwalker vs Neverending Story

stealing memes from discord and twitter 2023-06-17 - 2:15 pm

people screeching and crying because the game doesn't look like the trailer . my brother in christ , it was a cinematic trailer .

ElJorro 2023-06-17 - 7:45 pm

I am enjoying this! This whole world seems like it was designed by writers and readers for writers and readers. The only real complaint I have is the lack of voice acting.

Mars 2023-06-17 - 9:52 pm

I'm genuinely confused by these comments, like, have y'all forgotten that cinematic trailers are different than gameplay trailers? Or have y'all simply never learned the difference? Because I've seen a serious uptick in people seemingly not understanding the difference in the past few years. Cinematic trailers literally were never an issue until recently.

The whole point of cinematic trailers is to be over the top, to get you hyped for the general atmosphere of the game. Gameplay trailers are literally what it says on the tin. They showcase the actual gameplay. Cinematic trailers also usually explicitly include a disclaimer stating that it's a cinematic trailer and not a gameplay trailer, so that it's not actual gameplay footage.

If y'all wanna complain about the cinematic trailers not looking like the actual games, then you might as well complain about literally every game ever, no matter if it's from a big AAA studio or a small indie studio.

I could literally link cinematic trailers from YEARS ago to show how long they've been a thing. Big examples of how long this has been going on are the old school Assassin's Creed games' cinematic trailers, Dragon Age 2's cinematic trailer, and the cinematic trailer for Sainrs Row: The Third. I really don't get why it's suddenly an issue for everyone NOW?

Seriously y'all, google the difference. There's nothing wrong with cinematic trailers as they're meant to give you a feel the general vibe, atmosphere and story, and for legal reasons, they're usually VERY clear about the fact that cinematic trailers don't use actual game footage.

R D 2023-06-18 - 4:17 pm

You AAA junkies aren't welcome in indie games. Shoo.

Dany Rodríguez 2023-06-18 - 7:41 pm

Well the trailer got me in one place and gameplay send me to another, weeeeeeey far from the start, but well, maybe it is good

Combicritter 2023-06-20 - 11:11 am

Great, more filler-garbage for gamepass.

OGbrundle 2023-06-20 - 4:31 pm

Lazy game, misleading trailers, crap art. Pass


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